Our Team

Station Coordinator

Michael Walkley

Michael spent 17 years as a radio host on multiple stations around Australia. At the start of 2018, Michael began working on creating a school-based radio station, Radio Pac Pines. Michael said “2019 is set to be a big year, with the introduction of the school’s first podcast called ‘Say What?!”. Michael’s goal is to make Radio Pac Pines a station for not only our school but for the entire Pacific pines community.

Music Directors

Jasmin Quick

Jasmin is a year 9 student who helps program the music on Radio Pac Pines. She is part of the school choir and does solo performances at school events. She has a passion for learning languages. Jasmin likes ice skating and archery. She loves reading and discovering new music to play on the radio.


Elijah Gorton

Elijah is in grade 9 and has been doing Radio Pac Pines since day one. He really enjoys going on air with his friends Kelsey and Logan. He loves performing arts and especially drama. He can’t wait for you to here him on Radio Pac Pines.

Logan Pickett

Logan has has been part of Radio Pac Pines from day one. She has a passion for all things music related, and has been part of choir throughout all years of primary and high school. She also enjoys playing different instruments such as guitar, piano, and ukulele, and hopes to bring a smile to your face every time she is on air!

Kelsey Hogg

Kelsey is a year 10 student who has been with Radio Pac Pines since day one. Kelsey loves all things music and drama and is in excellence for both. She loves performing at school events and was in the cast of the school’s 2019 production ‘Rock of Ages’.

Montana Stephenson

Montana is community prefect in Year 10. Her favorite subjects are Science and Drama and she loves to sing and dance. 2019 is her first year on Radio Pac Pines and she hopes to make everyone laugh and smile.

Kiyah Bourke

2019 was Kiyah’s first year doing anything radio related, but she loves to learn and be involved in activities. Kiyah also loves the performing arts, and would love to pursue something related to that when she’s older, which is another reason why she applied herself to be involved. She was the Junior Vice Captain in 2019.

Maddison Smith

Maddison is a hardworking year 7 student who loves speaking, whether its to her friends or the whole school. As in the past she has had multiple leadership positions. This is only one of the many reason why Maddi joined the Radio. 2020 was also Maddison’s first time doing anything associated with a Radio, but that didn’t stop her from already hosting her own show on Radio Pac Pines with her friends.

Savanah Kirk

Savanah has only just started her first year of high school and this is her first time doing anything associated with radio. Savanah loves working in groups whether with other students or with her friends, Savanah is also responsible and is excited to be working in this radio team and this is only one of the reasons she has joined radio. Savanah loves doing her own shows with her best friends and is always thrilled to try something new in the radio industry.

Mackenzie Swanson

Mackenzie joined Radio Pac Pines in her first year of high school, 2020. She was invited to join with her two close friends and never regretted anything. Mackenzie is a straight ‘A’ student however, she dreams of being able to do something related to the radio in her later years.

Ethan Taylor

Ethan is a Year 12 student who has spent his whole schooling learning about all things media. He joined Radio Pac Pines this year because he wanted to boost his confidence in getting up and speaking in front of a wide audience, and to have more opportunities when he graduates at the end of the year. Being in Radio Pac Pines has convinced Ethan to lean more to a path in radio while also studying towards a possible career in the film industry.

News Readers

Annalyssia Giardina

Annalyssia is a year 12 student who spent her yr 10 work experience at Southern Cross Austereo working with the 90.9 Sea FM and 92.5 Gold FM teams in all of the different departments including the Journalism team. This is where she found a passion for radio and hopes to bring this enthusiasm to the Radio Pac Pines.